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ZP 12

The multi- functional 12 inches ABS system sound with two wireless hand microphones, USB, SD card reader, a built-in battery.
Three - year warranty.

The mobile professional sound system device. What makes it different from the standard sound column, often offered in a similar price?
Basically everything. The active column, simply speaking , is a set of column and an amplifier. Some more sophisticated active columns have got USB/ SD/MMC inputs and built-in MP3 player, but that is all. They do not have got a built-in FM radio, wireless microphones bases or a set of the VHF microphones. They also do not have got a built-in rechargeable battery that allows to work in the area where there are no mains, MP3 player and a radio remote control. A very uncommon function in active columns is the 5 - range equalizer. Only very few active columns have got a telescopic handle and wheels, which makes the device easy to transport. This type of device is also offered by the other producers, but they are much more expensive than ours. The price we offer to you is very competitive – in others shops at the same price you would only buy the same quality column. For wireless microphone, SD/USB player, a remote control and an outside battery you would pay additionally at least 2.000zł. What is more , the connection of that all devices could be uncomfortable for you.

PP devices( two models available – a smaller- 12 inches speaker and bigger 15 inches speaker) are independent sound systems – ideal in mobile usage because of a built- in rechargeable battery. They are designed for karaoke parties, courses, trainings, children parties etc.. Therefore, they are often bought by schools, kinder gardens, training schools, funeral homes and event organizing companies. Both recommended sets consist of an active column, two wireless microphones, a remote control and a charging cable.
Our devices are constructed on the effective 12”(30cm) subwoofer, maximum column power 700W

Device features:
• Active sound system with a built – in amplifier (700W, 12”)
• Built- in MP3 with USB reader and SD/MMC (plays its music from MP3 player, from a pen drive, USB portable disc or SD/MMC card
• Two wireless VHS microphones, both for “hand” ( frequency 200.175 Mhz and 201.400 Mhz
• 5 range equalizer control
• Echo and volume control for each microphone
• Volume control
• Additional MIC and LINE IN inputs
• Built-in battery and a loader
• FM radio tuner
• Can be charged from main 230V as well as 12V( e.g. from a car)
• Firm handle and wheels for easy transport ( device can be used as a “bag on wheels”
• MP3 remote control
• Firm ABC columns’ housing






Max. power.

frequency of VHS mic. work
bass speaker
power supply

50Hz - 19kHz
200.175MHz - 201.400MHz
12” (30,5 cm)
1” (2,5 cm)
220-240V / 50-60Hz
570 x 350 x 310mm
14 kg 

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