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Tonsil Company was honored by name of “A symbol of tradition and modernism 2015” in a 2015 Symbol program.

A Symbol Program is a Polish, every-year action conducted by redactions of polish newspapers- “Monitor Rynkowy” in “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”, and “Monitor Biznesu” in “Rzeczpospolita”. The primary target of the whole action is to appoint some of the best and most recognizable brands and companies functioning on the Polish market in order to promote them by honoring them a SYMBOL in a particular category.

Currently, in the Symbol Program 2015 one of the laureates is Tonsil company. It was named a “Symbol of Tradition and Modernism 2015” which clearly highlights the most important assets of the company.

Such a distinction is a huge elevation for us. It shows, that Tonsil brand is very strong and recognizable, but also modern and making its name bigger on the market. It makes us happy beyond beliefs, because we use our best efforts to make our products top quality. New Altus 380 column set for example can easily compete with the world’s elite.

~ Sławomir Wieszczeciński – Tonsil owner.

Let us remind, that last year Tonsil was honored by title of CONSUMENT QUALITY LEADER 2013.