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Presented during Audio Show exhibition, where they got a very warm welcome- new Altus 380 columns are currently available for final users. Should you be interested, meet the Authorized Tonsil Dealer in Poland to see, and more importantly hear our new product. The most important fact is that Altus columns are our distinctive product- Polish projected, and Polish crafted.

In column sets sound quality is the most important thing. In this case, new Altus, based completely on a new project pass the exam mesmerizingly well. Solid construction of the column, which is reinforced by inner ribs, and made of thick MDF slab, with capacity increased up to a 100 liters, has a very positive influence to acoustic. It naturally also affects weight- Altus column weights about 50 kilograms. Additionally, casing contains integrated ballast chamber, which can be used by any user according to his very own preferences. New Altus are produced in many different finishing versions, which commonality is extremely high quality. Basic models are finished with so called “piano varnish”, next with natural veneer with varnish. Higher finishing options are leather with natural veneer and of course one-off special graphic models.
Interestingly, it’s a completely new product, redesigned from bases. The tweeter has a softly suspended, titanic dome which develops a very natural timbre without any distortions. By contrast, subwoofer contains of very innovative construction using big coil with high amplitude, double ferrite magnet and rubber suspension. The mid woofer as a proven unit stays unchanged. In new Altus new, precisely pitched switches are used, which are made of carefully selected materials, among others, on components made by MUNDORF company, for example M-Cap Supreme capacitors.

- Literally every single detail of the set is different, designed, and crafted in a way, it can reach expectations of the most demanding music lover. We are very happy of the results. It’s worth to stress that during the process of designing and creating new Altus one of the most important assumptions was completely deleting budget cuts. We didn’t look for a compromise. From the very beginning, it was meant to be a new model, which will be a noble set in a legendary series, which is Altus. They were meant to give a wonderful sound, amalgamated with an astonishing look. That was a main idea of both engineers and designers. Every detail is precisely selected- the WBT connections, rings around the speakers mild from aluminium and shaped, so the light bends on the edges. Case finishing in piano varnish, natural veneer, or leather. We also have to do with a high-end wiring made of the purest, non oxygen copper. ~ Sławomir Wieszczeciński, Tonsil owner.

It’s worth to visit Tonsil Authorized Dealers, to hear the new Altus set. Good impressions are guaranteed. Apart from the sound it’s also worth to take a closer look onto the finishing. Piano varnish, leather or elegant veneer will cause a set look exclusive in every place. No matter if they stand in a modern room, or a classic saloon. New Altus 380 columns will always play, and look magnificently well, giving you a huge step forward, towards perfection.